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Seduction rule Nr.1 - Be an Alfa man

Seduction rule Nr.1

How to be attracted by a woman


Find something you are good at, and become the best in branch in it!

This is the number one rule of Alfa man.
And this is the core paradigm of your attraction as a man.
If you have something you are good at, If you have some aim in life. You are independent and selfconfident.
You have a value in society and friend circle.
You are attracted by woman.
„If you have not cleared up your own position and role in life, you will seduce anybody.“ write Radek Sira in his book „Seduce her!“
And in book „How to become an Alfa man“ goes John Alexander further: „Man who is expert is automaticly alfa“ 

„By the way, something you should start with, if you do not have it yet, become an expert in something. It does not matter what. . . building for sale, dance music, south park, religion, history, etc. .
A man who is an expert is automatically an alpha male in that area.“

It is not important what branch it is. It should be some obscure thing. But you have to devote to it and become very very good at it!
I remember my IT neighbour. He installed me Windows97 on the diskets to computer. He has a fat wife. Now he has a big car, two dogs and hot girl stand by him.!“
He becom the specialist in what he is good at is rewarded from life now!“
„Take it ias inspiration for you and think what you are good at..?“
It can be as well a seller of jewels as is in video exampe“
„You will se how it works on women, when you have something to show them, offer them something special.
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BUT WATCH THE WOMEN, remember that you are the most important person in the relationship.

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